Raffle tickets and Scholarship
We are selling raffle tickets to raise money towards year end awards and to help pay for a scholarship to the Steven Bradley Clinic.
The below 2 jumps were designed and built by our board member family the Moraniecs. There are 2 jumps, either a baby starter chicken coop (the darker one) that measures 17” high or the Starter brush coop that measures 22” at the top of the wood (the lighter one). The Starter brush coop has a gap at the top so that brush can be put in to increase the height to 2’ 3” for shows or it can also be jumped at its current 22” to help gain confidence. You can purchase tickets to enter either or both raffles! Anyone can purchase raffle tickets and the Moraniecs will deliver the jump to any individual home or farm in the 42 FDL area (~20 mile radius, Lexington is it too far)
The jump will be on display both at the Spring Run show in August. You can buy your tickets HERE online, or from the secretary at any of our FDL shows, or directly from any of our board members. The drawing will be held on Saturday November 11th at the final Flying cross show.
Tickets are $20/1 ticket, $30/2 tickets, $40/3 tickets etc. If you purchase 2 or more tickets at the discounted price you can split your tickets towards each jump that you want or you can put them all towards 1 jump, but you must make sure to let us know if you want to do this so we can categorize the tickets correctly.

    The Scholarship!!!!

This year we are raising money to fund scholarship for one of our members to attend the Stephen Bradley Clinic at Spring Run farm on November 4th and 5th! The scholarship is for any of our members to join a group from Starter level through Novice. If you want to apply for the scholarship please write an essay detailing how the clinic will help you, the essay should be between 100 and 500 words and must be submitted between Sept 1st and Sept 30th. Applications can be sent to 42fleurdelisqb@gmail.com and must contain the subject line “Stephen Bradley Scholarship Application”. We will review all essays and inform he winner and post it online by October 16th. Spring Run posts the clinic schedule the week of the clinic.
This is a great opportunity for our members and is one of the ways we are trying to give back to our members! Please apply and encourage others to do so. If we receive a positive response we will try and do more like this next year.

Congratulations to WHITNEY B for winning this years scholarship!
Whitney completed the  Stephen Bradley clinic on November 4th and 5th!